Davis Enterprise garden columns

 February 5 2019 through December 18 2022

A drier landscape doesn’t have to be a desert

As American as … what kind of pie?

Autumn gardening

Cool May, hot June: Taking stock of weird weather

Croquet at Christmastime

Cut flower gardening

Davis’ urban forest is aging

Evolution of the modern lawn

Flowers that snap and make faces

Fuchsias, hummingbirds and more

Getting a little wild in the garden

Hot weather in the garden

How did your garden grow?

Let’s dig up some garden myths

Looking ahead to fall gardening

Nature in the garden

Of gophers and lavender

Peppers on our minds

Reducing water use in a drought

Tangerines or Mandarins? Our holiday treat can grow in your back yard

The flowers of winter

The perils of phytophthora

Tips for reducing water use

Victory gardens are back

Weather weirdness in the garden

Windows of opportunity: Our growing season never ends

2020 Garden Turkey Awards